Welcome to Menlo Park, CA!

HISTORY -- Menlo Park was officially named in 1854. Two Irishmen, Dennis J. Oliver and D.C. McGlynn, bought 1,700 acres of land near County Road. This is now called El Camino Real. The built two homes with a common entrance. The men were married to sisters. Across the driveway they built an arch on which they placed the name of their home, Menlo Park. They placed the date of August 1854 under the name. In 1863, the railroad came through. Even though the area was the end of the line, they felt the station needed a name. They looked at the estate gates and arches and saw the name across the top. The official decided that would be the designated name. This station is California State Landmark No. 955 and is the oldest California station in continuous operation.

Menlo Park was incorporated twice! Once on 23 March 1874. This was short-lived, only until 1876. The second and final incorporation took place in November of 1927. The founding of Menlo Park: 1854

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